Haitian girl on London time after living in New York for six years. Nature,traveling, and loving others. Goes by Karie you will never know my real name. Enjoy this adventure with me.

Lack of sleep

This week has consisted of me going to my classes and sleeping in between and from 9:00 to 5:00 in the morning studying and eating junk food with all the other miserables. It’s not even a problem i feel like a zombie and i’m so nervous for my mid-terms especially for politics i cannot afford a C and i have a politcs essay and i’m crying just thinking about it ugh. The topic is so broad i just feel dumb god help me. The weather has been super bipolar i guess that’s how it’s suppose to be, it’s not even cold or im just use to it. Best believe after i finish this week im going to drink my bodymass in alcohol.


White women have the privilege of being able to ignore, mock or deride women of color and still be taken seriously as feminists.

Women of color have no choice but to treat white women with nothing but deference and respect if they want to be taken seriously as feminists.

Do you see the double standard?

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*sucks your dick to show you how much I love and appreciate you*

4:03 am in London I am starving the side of my stomach hurts and I just finished a 1,500 words paper and I have a 9:00 am class wish me luck!